Toffee residence is situated at Psathi Kimolos just 300 meters walk from the Port or the Village, from where you can easily get to any place around the Island.


Our island

Kimolos is a small Cycladian island of special and unique beauty, where visitors will have the chance to be part of an environment untouched by the modern way of living. It’s an island where everything works beyond time and often the only thing that brinks you back to reality is the church’s bell ticking the time, just to remind you what time it is!

There are many beaches waiting for you to explore, scenic fishermen little harbours with holes curved in the soft rock, “Sirmata” as locals call them, where the boats “rest” during the winter.
Cobbled paths across the Island waiting for you to cross, that leads to beaches that no vehicle can go.
Stone paved alleyways and arches all across the village that leads to numerous of small churches spread everywhere.

“Skiadi” a mushroom shaped limestone rock, curved by the fury of the wind and of course “Poliegos” Island, just across Kimolos, an inhabitant island with amazing wind protected beaches with turquoise blue waters.


There is a Bus scheduled from the port to the village and most of the beaches of the Island.
A sea Taxi that can get you around Kimolos or Poliegos Island,
A ferry “Osia Methodia” ( that links daily Milos with Kimolos.


By ship from the port of Piraeus and many Island around.
By plane through Milos airport and then to Kimolos by ferry.

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