“Galini” luxury apartment is at the first floor of the building at the south side with a panoramic view to the Village as it is spreading at the hills across.

Decorated in pastel hues with relaxing soft colours with white shades, while traditional marble details combined with handmade wooden furniture, creates our quests a special sense of intimacy. The elegance of decoration further highlights the high aesthetics of the space around, both in the spacious bedroom and in its own bathroom with the marble sink and shower.

At the living room there is a fully equipped kitchen for preparing small meals and a sofa bed that can easily becomes a double bed for the children.

Relax at the veranda during the afternoon enjoying the sunset or watching the stars falling, during the night

Dimensions 35 sqm indoor and 35 sqm outdoor, Capacity min 2 adults, max 2 Adults + 2 children, Kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining area and two poufs sun loungers.